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UGears Wooden Mechanical Models: The Best Way to Please Your Inner Child

There is a stereotype that toys are for children’s entertainment only. But how many adults play with toys with interest and collect puzzles! UGears wooden mechanical models are designed for all age categories. It does not mean how old you are; you can find a puzzle model to your taste.

UGears is a Ukrainian-based manufacturer that creates 3d wooden model kits. For over 5 years of operation, it has captivated thousands of customers worldwide. 

The Main Feature

A feature of UGears mechanical models is that with the correct connection of all parts, the toys can move independently. However, there are no electronic mechanisms inside them. Each model consists of several tens or hundreds of wooden parts. They are folded without the use of glue or other additional fasteners.


There over 80 UGears 3d puzzles for adults and children available. Here, you can find a toy on any theme. There are some of the best-sellers:

  • Foldable phone holder
  • Safe
  • Hurdy-Gurdy
  • Carousel
  • Globus
  • Treasure box
  • Cash register
  • Research vessel
  • Horse mechanoid
  • Dream cabriolet

If you need to find a particular collection, you may sort items on the site by series.

Available to Everyone

The prices on the website are reasonable. They range from $9,90 to $195. The kit consists of wooden parts of high quality and instruction for assembly. Also, you may see the measurements of the ready model and the approximate time of assembly. 

Quality Service

To buy the UGears model in the USA, follow https://ugearsmodels.us/, choose the model, and frame up your order. The company offers free shipping and part replacement to all the states. The delivery takes from 3 to 7 business days depending on the state. The service offers an ultra-fast delivery feature for 2 days for an extra $5,99. 

Please your inner child. Spend time with interest and pleasure with UGears!


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