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Musicians Who Have Tried Acting as Well

The best thing about being in the entertainment industry is that there are so many diverse opportunities that you can use as pedestals to stardom..  All it needs is for you to come with the talent and you will be good to go.  And, if you are lucky, you might find yourself featuring in online online pokies Australia games as well. This article is going to be looking at some musicians who dared to take acting roles and surprisingly did really well.

Jordin Sparks

It is no doubt that Jordin Sparks has some of the biggest voices in Hollywood.  And, you can get to see the beautiful songstress take on a role in the movie Sparkle, alongside the late Whitney Houston. And, she did very good justice to her role as well. The singer played the role of Sparkle, a young talented song writer, who decided to pursue her talent as a musician/songwriter. 


Apart from her blooming career in music, Queen B has had a number of acting roles as well. Her first movie role was in the Austin Powers movie. Beyoncé also went on to act in Dream Girls, Cadillac Records and Obsessed. All these movies and online baccarat casinos were some of the biggest Hollywood hits in their time and the singer did a stellar performance as well.

Lady Gaga

A lot of people were shocked to see Lady Gaga coming back to Hollywood. The singer had gone so quiet and seemed to have retired from her career in the entertainment industry. But, we do hope that we get to see more from this multi-talent. In the movie, A Star is Born, she got to show case her powerful career and the fact that she is a really good actress as well.


We all loved Rihanna’s performance in Ocean’s eight. And, we could not help but love her even more when she played the role of Kofi in the movie Guava Island alongside Childish Gambino.


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