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The Evolution of Rihanna

Rihanna is one of the most popular musicians in the industry right now.  The star got into the music industry at a very young age. But, she has managed to rise into becoming one of the biggest female musicians in the music industry under the guidance of Jay-Z. This article is going to be giving you some of the biggest songs from the artist. These will also help in the signification of her life in music.

Pon De Replay

 This is the first song that made the singer a global sensation. The song was released back in 2005 under her album music of the sun and real money casino games. There have been plenty of remixes made to this song and is one of the top dancehall hits that topped the chart back then. At the time of realising this song, Rihanna was only 17- years old and was still bringing out her young but cool teenage nature. The music start was a fashion icon for most teenagers her age at that time.


The song umbrella was released under her album, “Good girl gone bad”. The album was released in 2007 and her song was a major hit.  And, it also featured Def Jam record label mogul, Jay-z. In this album, you get to see a 19 year-old Rihanna who has just tasted the freedom of adulthood.  The album signifies her change from being the innocent teenager to the Bad Girl Riri that we know today. To further signify the change, she went on to even cut her hair to an even more sophisticated look.

Wild Thoughts

Rihanna got to feature in this song by DJ Khaled alongside Bryson Tiller in 2017. And, here, we get to see the older Rihanna and her blackjack online tricks . She is more tamed, classy and elegant. Around this time, there were a lot of speculations about her weight gain. According to a lot of bloggers, people loved the thicker and rounder Rihanna.


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