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Epic Stories from Your Favourite Musicians

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But what’s some decent music without some inspiring stories to go with it. We’re branching out to bring you the best stories you’ve never heard from your favourite musicians. 

The Beatles Were Something Else

Whilst there is no doubt that the famous foursome are absolute gods in music, not one of them can read a sheet. All four-play music by ear and couldn’t write it down if you paid them. But that didn’t stop them writing incredible songs, including David Bowies hit, “Fame”. 

The rift for “Yesterday” came to Paul in a dream and he had to wake up quickly and find what key it was is before he forgot it again. He then had to add the lyrics which didn’t turn out too bad. Better than the working words he used at the start anyway; “scrambled eggs, oh baby how I love your legs”.

And of all the ladies that must have adored the boys, British model Pattie Boyd was certainly a great muse for George who wrote “Something” with her in mind. The same lady must have really been something, as she is also the inspiration behind Eric Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight” and “Layla”.

She wasn’t George’s first love though. That was a fan who made her way into his bed when they were first touring in Hamburg. Shame the were all sharing the room in bunks at the time. Rumour has it he did get a pleasant round of applause afterwards, though.

Bizarre Bowie’s Oddities

A great musician but also an all-round strange man, David Jones as he was born (he had to change his name when his manager advised he would “look like a real monkey” if he didn’t) had a real penchant for the unpredictable. 

His alter-ego Ziggy Stardust may have nearly made him lose his mind before publicly retiring him, but his successor, the Thin White Duke, wasn’t much better. Living in a cocooned life in Los Angeles in the mid-70’s, he was completely disconnected from the world, battling drugs on a diet solely consisting of cocaine, red peppers and milk. Oh, and he also kept his urine in the fridge so that the wizards couldn’t steal it.

Growing up, he had many famous friends such as Reginald Dwight (Elton John) and Peter Frampton. Frampton’s Dad was Bowie’s art teacher at the school they both attended and had a real artistic effect on him. Not everyone was so nice, however. School-boy friend, George Underwood, who designed the majority of Bowie’s record covers, hit him in the eye during a fight over a girl when Bowie was 15. His fingernail sliced into his eye which was left permanently dilated (known as anisocoria), but contrary to belief, both eyes are in fact blue.

Queen’s Queerness

Smash hit “Under Pressure” very nearly, never eventuated. Bowie happened to pop into the studios that day and over a “powder and wine” lunchbreak, the duo smashed out the number one-hit song. Better to have David in the studio than Michael Jackson, though. Mercury had to ask Michael to remove his pet llama from the studio once; it was too distracting. Michael did however make it up to them, recommending they do release “Another one bites the dust” as a single, which became huge.

Speaking of biting, Mercury’s over-bite is down to his extra four teeth pushing his front ones out. He was too scared to remove them as he was afraid that it would effect his famous voice and four-octave range.

It wasn’t all Freddie though, with John Deacon’s first song “Misfire” being about pre-mature ejaculation. Roger Taylor once locked himself in a cupboard until they all agreed that “I’m in love with my car” make the b-side. It seems Brian May was the only smart one of the group (he does have a PhD in astrophysics). 

Although he never talked Mercury and Kenny Everett out of taking Lady Diana to the local pub after an afternoon of The Golden Girls and champagne. The must have disguised her well enough though; in an army jacket, cap and sunglasses so rumours suggest.

Parton’s Peculiar Penchants

Dolly Parton not only has two Guinness World Records (most decades with a top-20 hit and most US country hits by a female), 25 number one hit songs and her own theme park, but she also entered a Dolly Parton lookalike contents, in drag. Not only did she not win, no one even knew until later. That must have been embarrassing, especially for goddaughter, Miley Cyrus. 

With over $600 million in wealth, it’s a far cry from her modest upbringing; her father paid the doctor that delivered her with a sack of oatmeal! But there’s no denying that she has a wealth of talent too. 

The day she wrote hit song “Jolene”, she also scribbled down another little number; “I will always love you”. Not only did that become a huge cover by Whitney Houston, it was nearly covered by Elvis Priestly. But when his management insisted they take half the publishing rights, she turned him down flat. Not many have turned down the king!


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