BlissBliss – ‘Horizons’

Nashville-based act BlissBliss consume with a blend of soulful pop and eclectic rock across their new album Horizons. Led by the duo of vocalist Renee Bliss and drummer Lang Bliss, BlissBliss present a timeless-sounding spanning, from the soulful take on the classic Marvin Gaye’s classic “What’s Going On” to the group’s own soul-pop success “Your Number’s Up.” “Your Number’s Up” opens the album with melodic immersion, showcasing the act’s soulful charisma. Glistening synths, fervent vocals, and bustling bass combine with a distorted guitar undercurrent for a palpable ’80s nostalgia. “Ain’t no second chances when your number’s up,” the central chorus … Continue reading BlissBliss – ‘Horizons’