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Right On Yukon – “Gold Dust”

Right On Yukon


Canadian folk collective Right On Yukon unveiled two tracks from their upcoming LP today, one of them the stirring folk thriller “Gold Dust”, which features steadfast acoustic trickles and weeping strings over naturalistic images of nature and love lost/found. In terms of the latter, the track opens with the line “It was the river that fashioned the land, it was the river that drowned down the gold.” The vocals are excitable, with a quivering yelp that appears sporadically — especially during a fleeting chorus. “Gold Dust” doesn’t tread ambitious waters structurally, but its exciting sound suggests that Right On Yukon’s upcoming LP should provide plenty of flair. The group claims it will be multi-genred, featuring “rock, reggae, folk, funk, with a touch of soul and jazz.” We’re looking forward to listening.


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