Bantams – ‘Turn Heel’

The third album from Bantams, Turn Heel melds new-wave, rock, and synth-pop sentiments with a knack for hooky structural turns. Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Chris

Evan Mix – ‘Glare Cursed’

The new album from Evan Mix, Glare Cursed unveils an engaging avant-garde pop listening experience. From nostalgic upright bass echoes to synth-infused brightness alongside

Ballsy – ‘Bisou’ EP

The Bisou EP presents a hook-filled array of guitars and synths alongside anthemic vocal swells, representing a thorough success from Ballsy. The project comes

Pool Sharks – ‘Pool Sharks’

Boulder-based band Pool Sharks unveil an infectious psych-friendly punchiness across their eponymous album, showcasing a sound they self-describe as “shark rock” — wholly embracing

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