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The House Flies – “She Hums Mozart”

A hypnotic rock engrossment shows on “She Hums Mozart,” a new single from The House Flies that excels in its fusing of grunge, alternative, and post-punk influences. The track precedes the band’s

Sour Blood – “Suas”

A gorgeously unraveling single from Dublin-based artist Sour Blood, “Suas” enthralls in its development from ghostly vocal sparseness into a gripping converge of orchestral power and whirring rhythms. Written and recorded in

The Hinterland – “Bullet Proof”

A stirring single from London-based band The Hinterland, “Bullet Proof” resonates in its portrayal of a manipulative relationship’s aftermath — where a yearning to regain emotional control persists. The track comes via

HeIsTheArtist – “Sympathy Sonata (Rock Rhapsody)”

A dynamic success that spans from rock-ready invigoration to soulful spaciousness, “Sympathy Sonata (Rock Rhapsody)” is a recent single from HeIsTheArtist. The New York-based Christian R&B artist takes inspiration here from the

Pam Ross – “Fire in the Hole”

A rootsy rock playfulness succeeds throughout “Fire in the Hole,” a new single from North Carolina-based artist Pam Ross. The lead track from Ross’ debut album When Therapy Fails, “Fire in the

FALCON! – “The Sandfighter”

The anthemic rock sound of “The Sandfighter” rides on clanging guitar twangs and melodic vocal outpouring, evolving with a grippingly climactic glow. The track comes via FALCON!, a project that formed in

Extra Space – “Spiral Stares”

Evolving from quaintly impactful guitars and vocals into a distortion-friendly conclusion, “Spiral Stares” is a stirring new track from Extra Space. The project’s name derives from its initially tentative state. Joey Puleio

Kimberly Townsend – “If I’m Being Honest”

Absorbing in its mixture of forlorn acoustics and beautiful piano touches, “If I’m Being Honest” is a moving folk track from Kimberly Townsend. Per the artist, the release “explores the weight of

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