New Tracks

Minus32Heartbeat – “This City Shines So Bright”

Exuding a melodic rock sound within lyrical themes of isolation and betrayal, “This City Shines So Bright” is a memorable single from NYC-based project Minus32Heartbeat, representing the moniker of NYC-based artist Matt

Mason Summit – “Bystander”

“Bystander” is consuming new single out today from Nashville-based singer/songwriter Mason Summit, channeling a range of psych-touched introspection and anthemic rock/pop cohesion. “‘Cause I’m a bystander,” the chorus exudes, fondly reminiscent of

Ryan McMurtry – “Summer Rain”

A serene folk enchantment shows on “Summer Rain,” a track from an upcoming 4-track EP via Bristol, UK-based artist Ryan McMurtry. Also the guitarist and vocalist of bands Play Misty and Sugarmoon,

Diana Omar – “matching your energy”

Lyrical observations on social anxieties and insecurities meld with a ’90s pop/rock nostalgia on “matching your energy,” a standout new single from Baltimore-based artist Diana Omar. “Fight-or-flight mode activate,” the vocals commence,

#NAME? – “Ambient2”

A spaciously enveloping soundscape lingers on “Ambient2,” the introductory foray into ambient music from #NAME?. The Nottingham, UK-based project embraces a patiently unfolding atmosphere within, taking particular inspiration from Brian Eno’s Music

Emma Forgette – “It’s a Good Day”

Bluesy rock and country appeal show on “It’s a Good Day,” a memorable new single from Emma Forgette, an artist based in Ocala, Florida, and originally from New Jersey. “This song is

Beach For Tiger – “Closing That Door”

Get lost in the funky embrace of “Closing That Door,” a hypnotic delight from Beach For Tiger. It’s the latest success from a group that continues to dazzle, being featured in the

Myrkvi – “Completely Empty”

A riveting new single from Icelandic artist Myrkvi, “Completely Empty” moves with a serene psych-pop radiance. The solo project of Magnús Thorlacius, Myrkvi is prepping a third album, following full-length releases in

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New Albums

Carey Clayton – ‘Headless’

Los Angeles-based artist Carey Clayton embraces a gorgeous, textured pop and rock intertwining on the new album Headless. Frequently hypnotic in its layered production


Luga – ‘Become’ EP

The Become EP showcases the blissfully atmospheric sound of Luga. The project of Brighton, UK-based artist Lewis Broad-Ashman impresses with a sound