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Viruette – “Big Fat Nothing”

Boston-based trio Viruette unleash a passionate, dynamic rock appeal on new single “Big Fat Nothing,” preceding their debut album, Your Lacuna. Catching our ears previously with tracks like “Sick Hominid,” the band

Beatrix – “Paranoid”

The heaviest track from Beatrix‘s upcoming album Vertigo, “Paranoid” grips with a moody sound propelled by haunting vocal introspection and piano-driven atmospherics. The “freaking out,” vocal escalation sends chills as the rhythms

Jyme – “Campfire”

A soulful pop emotiveness engages on “Campfire,” a new single from Jyme. Morose vocal smoothness and a reflective bass line mesh enjoyably amidst trickling guitar tones. “You’re burning like a campfire,” the

Carrying Torches – “All For Nothing”

“All For Nothing” is an enjoyably fervent rock single from Chicagoland-based act Carrying Torches, who incorporate pulsing synths and spirited vocals alongside bursting guitar work. The vibrant, peppy sound traverses into a

Hope Slide – “Something Changed”

The debut single from Canadian band Hope Slide, “Something Changed” is a moody success that “captures the agony, confusion, hope and elation that come with a metamorphosis.” String-laden infusions alongside delicate piano

Evelyn – “I’m A Dog”

A heartfelt track from Evelyn, “I’m A Dog” melds introspective folk and soaring pop twinkling with consuming results. The track marks the first single from the artist’s upcoming full-length album, Someday We

Imaginary Family – “How We Have Changed”

A gorgeous sound is on display throughout “How We Have Changed,” exuding a chamber-pop appeal in its stirring string arrangements, illuminated piano work, and calmingly melodic vocals. The track is a thorough

homesick aliens – “Close Encounters (With Terra)”

An otherworldly, lush intrigue takes hold initially on “Close Encounters (With Terra),” a recent single from homesick aliens that expands into a feverish rock sound. Gliding guitar lines and jazz-touched percussion complement

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