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Laura Galindo – “Maybe In Time”

Maybe In Time by Laura Galindo “Maybe In Time” is a dreamy folk success from Brooklyn-based artist Laura Galindo. Serene guitar strums and subtle synths lead into contemplative vocals and rhythmic underlying.

Easton – “END TIMES”

In the face of an impending apocalypse, why not hit the beach instead of worrying? It’s out of your control, after all. “END TIMES” — the latest single from Los Angeles-based artist

Adiós Cometa – “Diente de León”

“Diente de León” reveals the dreamy, textured rock sound of Adiós Cometa, a band based in San José, Costa Rica. The production evolves in captivating from understated dreaminess into a swell of

Betre – “Opulent”

A glistening lushness enamors throughout Opulent,” the memorable new single from Betre, a Bangkok-based solo project. Serene vocals, twangy guitars, and glistening touches of keys craft a wholly compelling sound, accompanying themes

DOT5 – “Naomi”

“Naomi” balances dreamy intrigue with a pulsing dance-friendly infectiousness, representing the latest from Swiss-born Dutch native producer and songwriter DOT5. The track precedes the upcoming COULEURS EP; each track on the release

Elkvilla – “Better to You”

A hopeful folk-driven single with a beautifully serene disposition, “Better to You” comes via Elkvilla, the solo project of Australian singer/songwriter and producer Adam Dudek. The track represents the first release from

Jamcie – “Slow it Down”

Intertwining late-night electronica and debonair hip-hop, “Slow it Down” is a consuming new single from Jamcie. The Exeter, UK-based rapper and songwriter teams up with producer Justin Novak on this delight, achieving

about-faces – “The River”

Leeds-based band about-faces stir with an emotional rock allure on their new single “The River,” representing the act’s second single. Drawing ample praise and spots from the likes of BBC Introducing already,

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