New Tracks

Sparkbird – “Sparkbird”

2023 introduced me to an abundance of new artists, several of them releasing multiple tracks that firmly caught my ears. One such example is Sparkbird, who consistently proved enamoring across multiple singles

Tall Poppies – “World Keeps Spinning”

A new single from London-based band Tall Poppies, “World Keeps Spinning” is a timely success — ruminating on the hectic, uncertain components of life alongside magnetic string infusions and a sturdy rock/pop

Mick J. Clark – “At Last”

A timeless-sounding appeal, with twangy guitars and responsive vocal backings, enamor on “At Last.” Croydon, UK-based singer/songwriter Mick J Clark concocts a throwback, melodic charm throughout, alongside a lyrical introspection regarding the

Morgantown – “The Door”

A heartrending single depicting the realization of a relationship’s imminent demise, “The Door” comes via Morgantown, the Los Angeles-based duo of Kendra Celise and Paige Shannon. The first song they wrote together,

Vero Strange – “That’s Just Speed”

Brooklyn-based artist Dan Fisher fronts the project Vero Strange, whose new single “That’s Just Speed” touts a charismatic ’60s rock inspiration in its infusion of flourishing strings, infectious vocal harmonies, and suave

Sharkett – “High Line”

“High Line” is a dreamy pop charmer from Sharkett. The Irish artist is also a producer and classically trained pianist, embracing a synth-forward spell on this delectable single, her debut. Gentle synth

Sprinter – “The Whip”

Australian band Sprinter blend hooky rock immediacy with psych-friendly intrigue on new single “The Whip.” Forming in 2022, the Perth-based act has built up momentum via praise from numerous singles, culminating in

Samuel Blaney – “Paradise”

“Paradise” casts a lush folk mystique throughout, representing a standout track from Samuel Blaney. The Irish artist follows up his debut single “Ember” — and its conveying of winter-to-spring — with another

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New Albums

Trench Coast – ‘Drinks’

The debut album from Berlin-based act Trench Coast, Drinks presents a heady immersion that tactfully infuses gentle bass lines, trickling guitars, and