For track submissions, send the track link, at least one photo, and some background via Submithub, MusoSoup, or email.

We accept single submissions via SubmitHub, with ~10-30 words of written feedback guaranteed, in addition to consideration for coverage.

Album or EP submissions can be sent via SubmitHub Marketplace or MusoSoup.

MusoSoup is a submission platform that gets your music to our ears. We’ll notify of any potential coverage via the site, after listening. Many other curators are also on the platform, and you signing up gets the release on their dashboards as well. The platform does not include feedback. If you sign up using this link, I will be notified of your submission and check it out ASAP. MusoSoup is ideal for submitting singles and albums.

Email is also a submission option — to [email protected] — with the title “Obscure Sound Submission” preferably. MusoSoup and Submithub are generally prioritized, though. No feedback will be provided via email. I will only reply if interested in featuring.

Other Services and Information

Separate of the submission process: Music PR is also a service I provide for some artists. If you are interested in hearing about my PR servicing’s rates, success stories, and strategy, please email me at [email protected] — preferably with the title ‘Music PR Interest.’ I have been in the music PR space for over a decade, and am happy to share my insights and suggestions. Please send over your music as well, so I can see if it’s a fit for a campaign (not everything is).

The music PR service provides comprehensive outreach to relevant contacts at blogs, publications, and playlists. I also help with crafting press kits and refining artist bios, in addition to providing consultation on how to effectively market within the music industry.

I only work with artists I deem a fit in terms of quality and stylistic relevance, and may not always be accepting clients, though feel free to reach out anytime with questions and interest.

Read more about Obscure Sound here.