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For track submissions, send the track link, a photo, and some background via Submithub, HumanHuman, or email. DO NOT send your songs as an attachment. Please upload the track to Soundcloud (preferred), Bandcamp, or YouTube — and provide the link in your submission.

Please do not send any tracks released over 60 days ago.

We also accept submissions on SubmitHub, with feedback guaranteed on there as well. My Submithub submission window is often closed on the weekends. HumanHuman and email are always open, though email does not guarantee feedback.

You can also get elaborate feedback for €10 via HumanHuman here.

Email is also a submission option — to [email protected] — with the title “Obscure Sound Submission” preferably. Submithub and HumanHuman are prioritized though.

Advertising information can be found here.

Please excuse the lack of response; all e-mails are read, but it is impossible to reply to hundreds per day. Still, I listen to all music we receive at some point. DO NOT bug me incessantly with follow-ups. I listen to all music in my inbox eventually. Also, don’t sign me up for your band’s newsletter or any other sort of automated e-mail; I’ll just report the newsletter as spam. Introduce yourself and send a manual submission instead, please!

Name: Mike Mineo
[email protected]

Also, do not attempt to send your music directly to Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other social network. It will be deleted. There are only three avenues – Submithub, HumanHuman and email – for music submissions.