Posted July 18, 2013 by Mike Mineo in Post-Punk + Shoegaze

TRAAMS – “Flowers”


TRAAMS merge post-punk and garage rock, in a distinctively British sense. SPIN recently premiered their track “Flowers”, a fervent effort where swaying guitars resemble jelly and the clicking bass line inspires a hypnosis Bruce Foxton would be proud of. The vocals pursue a more contemporary garage-rock and punk tinge, purely anthemic in their delivery. “I don’t even know your number, and you don’t even know my name,” muses Stu Hopkins. With punchy conciseness reminding of Wire and a guitar-bass attack reminiscent of Joy Division and The Jam, TRAAMS’ instrumental aspects are exciting. And incorporated with an energetic and youthful lead, it makes for an engaging sound.

“Flowers” appears on TRAAMS’ upcoming LP, Grin. Fat Cat will release it on September 24th.

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