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Honey Bones – “Shutter”

Honey Bones music

Honey Bones is a project that embraces digital collaboration. The duo sends layers of their infectious electro songs back and forth between California and Idaho. California-based Ivan sends guitar/bass tracks to David in Idaho, where he produces and sings. Tracks like “Dragg” and “Shutter” show their enormous grasp of club-based dance. The string maneuvering in “Shutter” is the work of a pro, a polished meshing of funk and disco that could have been credited to any high-profile dance artist, LCD Soundsystem included. The dramatic interlude at 02:23 provides a nice kick in variation, as well. “Dragg” is the first single off their first free EP, and showcases a more bubbly form of electronica, as if the duo borrowed more from Swedish electro-pop as opposed to the funk-tinged revivalism of “Shutter”. “Dragg” packs a wonderfully glitzy chorus, one primed for the ready with its anthemic push courtesy of blaring synths and nocturnally scenic lyrics.

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