Posted August 19, 2013 by Zach Beckstrand in Tracks

IYES – “Glow”


Seemingly appearing from a dreamworld, complete with background ambient vocals and echoing instrumental melodies, “Glow” shines as a beautiful track that shows the stark contrast between elegance and power. Melis Soyaslanova’s crisp and clean vocals complement the hypnotic trance-like qualities of the opening few seconds, with a trickling and playful key arpeggio. Just when it seems like you could listen to Soyaslanova’s voice cut through the atmospheric tone forever, Josh Christopher explodes into a rising chorus that can’t help but be sung along to. The blatant differences in tone throughout set this track apart as one of brilliance and depth. Bringing both power and sensitivity, IYES fits right in when compared to the likes of Alt-J, Passion Pit, and even Matt & Kim. It’s hard to believe that this version of “Glow” is a demo, as it already appears polished enough for universal acclaim.

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