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Shadow Folk – “Season’s End” / “Here at Home”

Shadow Folk

The Halifax, Nova Scotia psychedelic music scene is booming. One of the best-sounding groups to emerge recently from there is Shadow Folk. A four-piece that crafts rich psychedelic tunes with brooding guitar twangs, Shadow Folk sound slightly like an homage to psych-friendly classic-rock — especially in the vein of more subdued T. Rex tracks, like “Ballrooms of Mars“. With the occasional country-ish twangs on excellent track “Season’s End”, The Czars are also a good point of comparison. Although the album art for “Season’s End” features an indoor office of sorts, these are efforts with vibrancy more suited to the autumnal outdoors. The lush guitars and reverbed vocals throughout “Season’s End” are dream-like, as if they’re being pulled by a slight breeze of wind, while “Here at Home” provides a more infectious assortment of classic rock-minded guitar solos and buzzing bass. These guys sound like they would put on a killer live show. For now, these new tracks are more than enough to show off their impressive talents.

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