Citay – People Person


I’m not going to waste your time describing the bands that Citay has taken
influence from, as there are too many to list. All that needs to be known is
that Citay is a group of talented songwriters and great instrumentalists. The
majority of their self-titled debut is instrumental with occasional backing
vocals, but they claim Led Zeppelin as their biggest influence, and it may be
evident at some points. For the most part though, Citay is entirely original.
Also: Nice Cuffs

The Young Knives – Weekends And Bleak Days


The Young Knives are just a fun and energetic young band, enjoying the new
art and punk rock movement in the UK. Simple lyrics, vocals, and unsurprising
rhythm is their main tool, and it works well as ‘Weekends And Bleak Days’ is a
nice little catchy tune.
Also: five other songs
Mute Math – Chaos


Mute Math are already quite big, particulary after gaining commercial steam
after their successful Reset EP. They claim Bjork and DJ Shadow as primary
influences, but I don’t quite see any of that. ‘Chaos’ is their radio single
which will propel them into the mainstream, along with the video below.
Video: Chaos

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