Posted May 18, 2006 by Mike Mineo in Features


The Year Of are a pleasent indie pop quartet from Vienna, Austria. Led by Bernhard Fleischmann, their sound is distinct and consistant with influences ranging from Lou Reed to David Bowie. Bernhard Fleischmann’s vocals actually recall a mix between Lou Reed and Neil Young, with a slight accent which results in a pretty cool effect. Their debut album, Slow Days, released this week and it’s very nice. Their songs range from the slow and romantically mellow such as ‘There’s Something About You’, to the catchy keyboard and electronic pop song in ‘Stephen Hawking’. They can also go an instrumental route, such as the keyboard and bass driven ‘Bees Be’. Their debut album is the perfect album for a relaxing afternoon indoors.


The Year Of – Stephen Hawking



The Year Of – There’s Something About You



The Year Of – Bees Be




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