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Is it true that everything that will be released on 6/6/06 will have a certain evil or dark touch to it? Well, we have the remake to The Omen and a bunch of crappy metal bands embracing the day as a marketing haven. What about the releases that are actually enjoyable without blood and guts though? Sound Team‘s newest album, Movie Monster may be one of the few on this day of apparent chaos. Sound Team is a team of six talented musicians based out of Austin, Texas, where they formed in 2001. They have released some notable material, including the Work EP, but Movie Monster will most likely be the album that pushes them into the fitting spotlight.

As you will see on the very accessible ‘Born To Please’, the band utilizes a very modern sound with a very catchy melody hook. Bands with this certain sound usually rely on one such great chorus, and ‘Born To Please’ does not disappoint. If that doesn’t catch your attention, try for ‘Your Eyes Are Liars’, which has a slight modern post-punk sound, one that recent bands such as Editors convey. Movie Monster does indeed have the potential to be one of the sleepers of 2006.


Sound Team – Born To Please



Sound Team – Your Eyes Are Liars



Sound Team – Back In Town




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