SHORT BITS – 6/21/06

Radiohead debuted their new track, ‘All I Need’ in Chicago last night. While these are all far from final versions, I find this one to be beautiful and I am liking it almost as much as ‘Arpeggi’. For a video of the song, click here or for a MP3 of the song, click here. It was also ironic when President Bush’s daughter attended Radiohead’s show in New York last week, as most of Radiohead’s Hail To The Thief was a rather direct attack on Bush himself. Oh well, Radiohead is fun for all… as long as she had a valid ticket! ( source ).


The token lovably chubby guy is out of the Arctic Monkeys, as Andy Nicholson left the band due to “fatigue”. Clearly, a few of the member’s ego’s exploded along with their fame and Andy couldn’t deal with his old mates acting like programmed robots ( source ). Isaac Hayes has canceled his tour due to his heart condition based on doctor’s orders ( source ).

Check out this hilarious story to see the impact of Green Day’s newest album on the preteens of the world ( source ). Jay-Z’s most recent enemy is not a rapper, but rather a champagne. He is boycotting Cristal because it is becoming an “unwelcome attention” ( source ). U2, Rufus Wainwright, and Jarvis Cocker are just a few of the great names contributing to the new Leonard Cohen film soundtrack ( source ).

Barsuk has signed British songwriter Jim Noir ( source ). There is a new musical about The Ramones called ‘Gabba Gabba Hey’, which will run from 7/31 to 8/5 at London’s KOKO. For some reason, I don’t think Ramones fans are that interested in classical musicals but there are some exceptions ( source ). More arrogant statement from The Kooks’ frontman, Luke Pritchard, who claims his band will change the face of music. Actually, the band is generic and faulty ( source ). Oh, and Pete Doherty was fined for cocaine use but it is just so common that is is an ending blurb nowadays ( source ).

New material: The Roots, Harvey Danger, David Pajo, Kelis, Feist, Pixies, TV on the Radio, Thunderbirds Are Now!, The Mountain Goats, Tom Petty, The Sex Pistols, Jim Reid, The Go! Team, Portishead, Mr. Lif, Air, Akron/Family, Thom Yorke, Joan Of Arc, Cursive, M. Ward

New tour info: Flaming Lips, Pearl Jam, Zero 7, Final Fantasy, Keane, Dirty On Purpose, Radio 4, Snow Patrol, Devendra Banhart, Ben Folds, Calexico, Muse

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