The Antiques

From their musical style, it is easy to tell that the members of The Antiques have great respect for classic rock musicians, ranging from the Rolling Stones to the Kinks. Actually, vocalist Joey Barro has a very similar vocal tone to Neil Young, with plenty of harmonicas to further exemplify the similarity between Neil Young’s style of play. This is especially shown in the straightforward ‘Pigless’, which seems to build volume as Barro slurs in a slight Western accent over some very well orchestrated harmonics and power chords, with several slides to differentiate the verses. The Antiques’ name seems to fit them well, reflecting their clear respect for classic rock artists. Many of their songs tend to be in the same mold, which means if you enjoy one song, chances are you’ll enjoy the rest. The Antiques, originating from Santa Barbara, CA, do have the skills to create several warm hooks as well. They also remind me a bit of The Black Crowes, who I saw live about a year ago. Their fondess for classic rock is also respectable and similarly in tact. The music of both is of a blend where not much attention is required to enjoy it to a certain exent. It’s just simple folkie rock n’ roll, and those who enjoy the straightforwardness and predictablitity of the genre are sure to enjoy The Antiques. You can pick up several EPs on their official web site.

The Antiques – Pigless

[audio: Pigless.mp3]


The Antiques – Down to No. Country

[audio: Down to No. County.mp3]


The Antiques – Silver Lining

[audio: Silver Lining.mp3]


Official Web Site

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