The Fucks just don’t give a…

When The Fucks were sitting in a circle deciding what the name of their band should be, I don’t think the thought of possible commercial success crossed their mind. Surely a band with such a vulgar name could never attain commercial success, right? Well, a good amount of band names in existance are just as vulgar, though they are incredibly more vague. I think their name describes their music perfectly though, as their music sounds like they just go out and play and don’t really give a fuck what other people think. Their brash and aggressive style of play recalls the most standard forms of punk with several new wave elements fully embracing electronic keyboards and synths. All three members of the band do their part in vocals, though the majority of them are done by a frontwoman who goes by the name of Jemma.

The two songs that The Fucks have available are full of energy, especially the catchy ‘Alright Alright’. Though the beginning vocals are beginner’s French words, the band hails from the UK, as evidenced in the very British toned ‘Freedom Is A Good Thing’. The song is flawed and not nearly as good as ‘Alright Alright’, but the chorus alone shows great potential. The songs represent the early stages of a very energetic and promising young band. Having seen a video of a live performance, I can say they certainly have the energy to grab a large fanbase, though their wacky play may turn off some. As far as commercial success, it is obvious that they could care less. For them, this appears to be a good thing. I feel nice posting this on a Sunday, as well.

The Fucks – Alright Alright



The Fucks – Freedom Is A Good Thing



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