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Thanks to all those that participated in last week’s survey. I am always looking for ways to improve the site and unbiased, constructive criticism is always welcome as a means to make this place better. Three opinions that appeared to dominate were a desire for shorter and more frequent posts, more album reviews, and a device to aid those that are in too much of a rush to read an article. The latter will now be enforced by incorporating a RIYL (“Recommended If You Like”) tag at the end of most posts. This was implemented earlier this week with Jesus H. Foxx’s feature. I hope that this will allow a more convenient format for those that either do not enjoy my writing or simply do not have the time to read it. I take no offense to any of it; I just want to share good music and make it as convenient as possible for the people reading.

I will also begin to increase the amount of reviews, mainly because there seems to be a request for more variety apart from the typical artist feature. I usually only review artists that have a reputable status since the unknowns would benefit more from the unveiling of information, but now I have decided to incorporate reviews on both ends of the spectrum. Features will continue to run regularly, but expect more in terms of score-based reviews where the insight will be just as much, if not more, than the features you are already familiar with. I will also attempt to wind down my posts in order to maximize the site’s content on a per-week basis. Like you, I only have a certain amount of time per week I can allocate to extracurricular activities like this, so I figure featuring more groups in a concise manner would be ideal for everyone. I wish that I could post about a new band every day, but classes, work, and sleep have something to say about that. One benefit you will already notice that derives from this is an increase of bands in each month’s best-of compilation. As September’s excellent collection will show, featuring more than a dozen great acts is a lot more fulfilling than nine or ten.

As always, feel free to send suggestions to my e-mail or in the comments below. Don’t worry about it if you have opinions and missed the survey. I’ll take suggestions any way I can get them.

01. Kordan – Fantasy Nation (post)
02. Jesus H. Foxx – I’m Half the Man You Were (post)
03. Fool’s Gold – Surprise Hotel (post)
04. The Drums – Down By the Water (post)
05. Horse Shoes – Hey Come Back! (post)
06. Grant-Lee Phillips – Strangest Thing (post)
07. Mayer Hawthorne – Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out (post)
08. Le Loup – Beach Town (post)
09. M. Bison – All Things to All People (post)
10. Old Canes – Trust (post)
11. Adam Marsland – Standing in Chicago (post)
12. The Cubical – Edward the Confessor (post)
13. Oryan – The Ride (post)
14. The Yes Pleases – From Whence It Came (post)


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