Video: Leslie David Baker – 2 Be Simple

 MP3: Leslie David Baker – 2 Be Simple (Ft. N.U.M.)

The top commenter has it right: no wonder Stanley looks so forward to going home every day.

The Multiverse theory explains that there is one ‘alpha’ universe and infinite parallel universes that branch off based on decisions we all make in our daily lives. Apparently, we live in an alternate universe. I came to this conclusion after watching the debut video from Leslie David Baker (Stanley Hudson from The Office). Under no circumstances would this video ever exist in the alpha timeline. It’s absurdity is beyond question, yet it’s amazingly watchable. This is a music video produced by a middle-aged man, complete with interludes and rolling credits at the end. Baker’s total lack of subtlety (see: obvious handjobs throughout the video, Jack Sparrow playing beer pong with an orthodox rabbi) is so blatant it’s accidentally artistic. If I wasn’t so convinced this was an over-the-hill actor’s musical dream coming true, it would be a satirical masterpiece.

Jay Mattson

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