Video: Panda Bear – “You Can Count on Me”

MP3: Panda Bear – You Can Count on Me

Like Panda Bear? Great. Enjoy psychedelics? Even better, if you intend on watching this video. If Lennox’s songs weren’t already enough of a mind trip, Danny Perez turned in a music video for “You Can Count on Me” that seems designed for a certain kind of consumption. It’s mind-numbing like his Animal Collective feature film Oddsac — though the latter being in a darker and more interpretive form, rather than the lush psychedelic swirls of “You Can Count on Me”.

As mentioned, the video was produced by Danny Perez, whose Oddsac NYC premiere I wrote about in-depth here. The track was one of the standouts on Panda Bear’s fourth full-length Tomboy, #34 on our list of 2011’s best albums. I also just noticed that “You Can Count on Me” still sounds good if you play three or four copies of it at once, all at different intervals. You could probably say that for most songs on Tomboy.

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