MP3: Daniel Rossen – “Saint Nothing”

Grizzly Bear/Department of Eagles multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Daniel Rossen will release a new EP, Silent Hour/Golden Mile, on March 20th. The five-track EP will be released on Warp Records, with appearances by Ian Davis, Scott Hirsch, Kris Nolte, and Dr. Dog drummer Eric Slick.

You can listen to one of the EP’s tracks, “Saint Nothing”, below. It’s a barren yet beautiful piano-led track that, according to Rossen, isn’t too far from its very first incarnation. “Whenever possible, I like just keeping the very first impression of an idea, the first take of something. You very rarely get to do that because the recording quality is below standard,” he said. “It’s very liberating to just leave it.”

The PR release had a cool tidbit about the EP’s title: Fittingly, the EP’s title comes lifted from its closing track, “Golden Mile,” a gem that eases its lyrical despair with walloping rhythms and gnawing guitars. “For a silent hour, for a golden mile,” sings Rossen, pulling immediately from past difficulties to the infinite and unknowable future. “There’s bliss in this mess. There’s madness all around.”

Silent Hour/Golden Mile Tracklisting:

01. Up On High
02. Silent Song
03. Return To Form
04. Saint Nothing
05. Golden Mile

MP3: Daniel Rossen – Saint Nothing

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