Video: Ane Brun – “Worship” (ft. José González)

Ah, here’s a name from the past. I wrote about Ane Brun way back in 2008, when she released the stunning Changing of the Seasons. The Norwegian-based Brun crafts striking alternative-folk, alternating between slow-moving acoustic ballads with sullen strings and raucously infectious stomps. She has the poetic patience of an artist like Kate Bush, with the tactful arrangements of someone like St. Vincent. It’s clear she puts a lot into her songs, which explains why last year’s It All Starts with One was her first LP since Changing of the Seasons. I was actually completely unaware of it until now, when I stumbled across a video for “Worship“, a highlight off the album featuring José González. The album’s just as good as her previous one, and this song is indicative of that. It’s the lush, spectral sort of beauty you’d expect from a collaboration like this.

Here’s another effort from the new album:

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