MP3: Damon Albarn – “The Marvelous Dream”

MP3: Damon Albarn – The Marvelous Dream

Damon Albarn, best known for fronting Blur and Gorillaz, unveiled a track from his latest opera, Dr Dee. “The Marvelous Dream” is an eloquent, acoustic-driven track, eventually guided by handclaps and a solemn solo-choir backing. As expected for an acoustic opera track, it’s lyrically heavy to say the least; Albarn rarely stops to take a breath. Lyrical interpretation should be best left until I actually seee the opera. Also included is a minimalist video, above, which packs a similar stripped-down beauty.

Set to be released in album form on May 8th via Virgin, Dr Dee details the life of 16th century scientist and scientific advisor to Queen Elizabeth, John Dee, and has already recieved critical acclaim after running in Manchester last summer. To see it in real-time is another option. Dr Dee will be given a run at London’s Coliseum during the Cultural Olympiad on June 25-26 and 28-29, and on July 4 and 6-7.  We previously reported on the opera in November, and announced its album form here.

Check out studio work from the album below, via the opera’s Tumblr:

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