MP3: Dunes – “Jukebox Adieu”

MP3: Dunes – Jukebox Adieu

“Jukebox Adieu” is the second single off Dunes’ debut LP Noctiluca. The trio take a conventional psych-rock aesthetic, with its lofty structures and ambitious turns, and make it quite accessible — mainly through a distinctive jangle-pop guitar sound (somewhere between Johnny Marr and John McGeoch) and punk-rock anthems. There’s the shimmering jangle-pop whose clanging meshes perfectly with keys and bells, while Stephanie Chan’s vocals resemble Sleater-Kinney’s explosive mixture of punk and alt-rock; it always sounds anthemic and high-scaling regardless of the stylistic lean. One of the band’s biggest strengths is how Chan is able to adapt to each song’s feel; “The Spark” has a nostalgic girl-pop rush, a vintage sound that Chan’s surprisingly angelic transition is perfect for. The whispered tone in the delicately haunting “Red Gold” is also noteworthy, showing Dunes’ ability for the subdued as well as the high-intensity explorations.

Grab their excellent debut here.


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