MP3: Jessie Baylin – “Hurry Hurry”

MP3: Jessie Baylin – Hurry Hurry

Jessie Baylin’s “Hurry Hurry” shows love for both ’60s country and contemporary chamber-pop. Polished, string-aided tracks from Camera Obscura (most of Let’s Get Out of This Country) capture a similar sound, though Baylin’s voice is more reminiscent of Neko Case’s emotive twang and occasional choral punch. “Hurry Hurry” carries a light, orchestral-tinged sound and the mid-point instrumental bridge serves as a nice example of her beautiful chamber-pop stylings. As for the other parts, Baylin’s vocals are seductive and calming, akin to jazz singers of the past. Past collaborator Norah Jones has a similar delivery. More so than jazz or blues in this instance, Baylin carries a phenomenal lead over the twinkling of chamber-pop and bustling of country. The background vocals, courtesy of the Watson Twins and Richard Swift, are another nice addition.

“Hurry Hurry” is the lead track on her third album, Little Spark, which was released in January. The track was written by Jessie Baylin and Thad Cockrell.

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