Full Album: Death Grips – The Money Store

The ceaseless, in-your-face delivery of Sacramento-based Death Grips can be intimidating; at times it sounds like an angry man spurting incoherently in your face, as spit flies uncontrollably from his mouth and into your eyes. Still, it’s premature to group any form of ultra-aggressive hip-hop with another, like Odd Future, and this is one example. Death Grips are more reliant on pounding rhythms and fear-bridled intensity than shock factor, though their sound initially provides more of a shock than lyrics the devil could conjure. Perhaps if The Streets sounded more deranged, and like a husky-voiced American, and collaborated on beats with Massive Attack and Aphex Twin. That might give you a picture. I guess. Either way, some of these beats are extremely solid, even if a number of listeners will be turned off from the get-go. Stick with it though.

Their first LP of 2012, The Money Store, isn’t out until April 24th, but the band is offering it for free on their Soundcloud. Stream it below. Downloadable tracks include “Get Got“, “The Fever (Aye Aye)“, and “Lost Boys“. It’s certainly not something you hear everyday, but worthwhile nonetheless.

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