MP3: JjANICE+ – “Aleas”

MP3: JjANICE+ – Aleas

The infectiously upbeat “Aleas” borders on bubblegum-pop, though its hip-hop and Afro-pop influences are hardly hidden. It would fit extraordinarily on the Jet Set Radio soundtrack, where world genres collided for an infectious blend of sounds and stylistic hybrids. It’s also not too far from the colorfully exuberant rock of Super Furry Animals.

Its creator, JjANICE+, comprises several talented musicians from around the world. The frontman, Joel Janis, is a native of Haiti who grew up in Maurice, Quebec. His biggest influences are within Afro-Caribbean styles and alternative, so his description of “Aleas” is apt. “If I had to describe the song I would say that it’s influenced by a mix of Andre 3000, with David Bowie (’80s period), and My Brightest Diamond,” he wrote. “Our music is a blend of indie-pop influences with Afro-Caribbean rhythms and a touch of classical harmonies. We call it hybrid-soul.”

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