MP3: The Sons – “Scientists”

MP3: The Sons – Scientists

“Scientists” is a crisp folk-pop track from The Sons, a five-piece from Derby, UK. They’ve been around since 1994, when Paul Herron met Ken Reeves at the University of Derby, and they’ve generally kept to the touring circuit since then. They did release a single, “One Man Floats” in 2003, and an EP in 2004, but apart from their two full-lengths – 2007’s Visiting Hours and 2011’s The Prime Words Committee – there’s not much of a discography to their 18-year career. However, when they do manage to release something, it’s quite good, like “Scientists”, off The Prime Words Committee. Its accessibility rides on a joyous chorus that bursts from traditional folk-pop acoustics; the exhilarating, heightened pitch of Herron nicely accentuates the warm, twangy folk. The lyrics are less saccharine; “Scientists are the new gods, it’s them we ask for deliverance,” Herron sings. “It’s getting harder to see where we will be in ten years, or three.” Let’s hope by that time The Sons will have another album out.

Here’s the video for “Scientists”:

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