MP3: Walrus – “Growing Pains”

MP3: Walrus – Growing Pains

Walrus are two brothers from Halifax producing minimalist pop. That’s all the info available on this Canadian duo, apart from the fact their debut EP is called Onetwotree. There’s a loosely ambitious vibe akin to Parenthetical Girls and Of Montreal, though wildly scaled down. While the sounds aren’t comparable in scope or polish, the potential is evident. “Growing Pains” rides on an acoustic lull, bells and keys bouncing around like a trinket stuck in bicycle spokes. “So now it’s here so let’s reveal our secrets, and spend our days getting high,” the voice cracks. “Being young doesn’t seem so distant, and being old is such a drag.” It’s a pleasant little opener to an EP that shows plenty of promise. Download the whole thing here.


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