MP3s: Please Dance Hell Bear – “My” + “Blind”

MP3: Please Dance Hell Bear – My

MP3: Please Dance Hell Bear – Blind

Despite such an interesting name, Please Dance Hell Bear don’t provide fans ample time to consider its origins. Their songs are quick to start, and never halt for a breath; it’s an engrossing strategy that, in this case, pays off. Led by trickling electric guitar arpeggios and rapidly plucked single notes, the Moscow-based group present intricate an entertaining math-rock/post-punk cohesion. “My” flaunts fast-paced math-rock with the slick guitars and furious rhythm section you’d expect, though with surprisingly fleet melodic cohesion. “Blind”, on the other hand, is more reflective and brooding, its swinging bass line and hazy tremolos resembling the art-rock of Bloc Party or Editors. Of course, Please Dance Hell Bear’s material is entirely instrumental, but that’s not to say there’s a bunch of promise for future releases.

Check out the rest of Please Dance Hell Bear’s tracks on their Soundcloud.

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