Stream: Sulpher – “Threw It All Away”

Rob Holliday has performed with names as big as The Prodigy, Marilyn Manson, and Gary Numan, and despite this his head is still screwed on (pretty) tightly. In 2012, Sulpher will release their first material since 2002’s debut album Spray.

Ya’ll know The Prodigy, and I bet you’ve all heard of Manson and Numan, as well. Along with former Jesus And Mary Chain drummer Steve Monti, Pop Will Eat Itself guitarist Tim Muddiman, and new recruit Andy Spillane, Holliday creates a delightful concoction of sounds, possibly picked up from years of touring as a guitarist with the aforementioned; you’ve got tight songwriting typical of Numan packaged tightly with the electronic kick of The Prodigy and the all-out ferocity of early Marilyn Manson.

A taster of the band’s latest material can be found here in the form of “Threw It All Away”, which Holliday told Soundsphere magazine is “about someone he felt could’ve been the one” (we’ve all been there, Rob, mate), and it’s a snarling electronic punk anthem with some solid loud-quiet transitions.

If you’ve got a darker side, and are into a great melting pot of genres and styles, then Sulpher will be the stuff for you.

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