Video: Lost In The Trees – “Golden Eyelids”

Lost In The Trees’ new album, A Church That Fits, is receiving a boatload of acclaim. One of its highlights, “Golden Eyelids”, was given the video treatment via a premiere at Brooklyn Vegan. “The idea was to create a video that takes place entirely underwater, composed of evocative moments of eerie and angelic beauty to underly the mood of the song,” frontman Ari Picker said.

The video was a collaboration between the band and media studio CreatoDestructo. “To realize Ari’s vision, it had to feel like another world, not like a swimming pool — so we scouted the area indoor pools and settled the Chapel Hill Community pool, which had a nice 11 foot deep end to serve as our underwater studio,” explained Jerry Stifelman, director of CreatoDestructo. “We blacked out the whole back of pool with plastic and our gaffer, Henry, and I, took a crash course in scuba.”

“Ari and the band worked all week on costumes, while our art director, Michael Perry, came up with ingenious ideas how to float little lights underwater. Michael also worked with violinist, Jenavieve, to create Ari’s giant bird idea. It was a cold, dark, very creative night.”

MP3: Lost in the Trees – Walk Around The Lake

MP3: Lost In The Trees – All Alone In An Empty House

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