Video: Unknown Mortal Orchestra – “Nerve Damage”

Unknown Mortal Orchestra released a video to complement the punchy, lo-fi art-rock of “Nerve Damage”. The track is a two-minute burst of energy, so you can expect the video to get straight to the point; the queasy, drug-addled fuel of the track is mimicked well. A man is on the run from something, probably a futile sprint from his own mind, and begins seeing color disfigurations, blinking skulls, and a variety of flashing peace signs and rotating eyeballs. Oh, and then he overdoses… on drugs or excellent music, I’m not sure. Perhaps both. Run for your life! Both the video and stylistic direction of the track seem to take a cue from Ariel Pink.

“Nerve Damage” is a highlight of their 2011 self-titled album. Two other highly recommended songs from the release are “Ffunny Ffrends” and “How Can U Luv Me”, both available for download below. I remember when the brains behind Unknown Mortal Orchestra was, well, unknown. But speculation proved right; we now know it’s Ruban Nielson of The Mint Chicks. It’s nice to give a face to this deserved praise.

MP3: Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Ffunny Ffrends

MP3: Unknown Mortal Orchestra – How Can U Luv Me

MP3: Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Strangers Are Strange

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