MP3: Badass Yuki – “Cherry Tree Bonanza”

MP3: Badass Yuki – Cherry Tree Bonanza

Estonian rock is really getting it done lately. Last week I was lulled to bliss by the seductive sounds of Candy Empire, and this week it’s Badass Yuki. The trio of Mart Avi, Paul Sild, and Aigar Vals create an homage to the past with lead track “Cherry Tree Bonanza”. The David Bowie comparisons are probably the most evident, and that’s even excluding  the Japanese reference. The trio produces a haunting form of rock that seems like a relic of the past, but in a completely good way. Mix some of that Bowie glam-rock action with darker variations of Brit-pop, like Suede’s Dog Man Star or Marion’s The Program, and you have Badass Yuki — some of the most addictive and enthralling pieces of nostalgia I’ve come across lately.


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