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Stream: Karoline Hausted – “Tiffany”

Karoline Hausted – Tiffany

“Tiffany” is an absolutely gorgeous track from Danish songwriter¬†Karoline Hausted. A talented pianist since age 6, her incorporation of keys – from the gentle wavering organ on “Tiffany” to the grand piano complexities of earlier work “Drawings” – is dynamic and lush. Kate Bush is an obvious influence, and her own nods to the classical impressionism of Debussy are apparent as well; her piano arrangements tend to be initially understated, before subtle changes in tone and rhythmic tempo evolve beneath her angelic voice. “Tiffany” is a great example of this, where soft organ sounds become accompanied by reverbed guitar twangs and sprinkles of piano.

I don’t understand one word she says, but that doesn’t mean a thing. This is some beautiful stuff.

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