MP3: Wymond Miles – “Strange Desire”

MP3: Wymond Miles – Strange Desire

Several members of San Fran garage-pop band The Fresh & Onlys have been busy this year with quality solo material. Frontman Tim Cohen presents lush and twinkling psych-pop under the name Magic Trick, exemplified by the soaring ballad “Torture“. Lead guitarist Wymond Miles already has several releases under his belt this year. He released an EP, Earth Has Doors, in January and a full-length, Under the Pale Moon, this month. The full-length represents his first new batch of songs in quite some time. The EP was a collection of songs he had stashed away “to attend school, focus on fatherhood, and commit to the demanding schedule of the F&O’s.” The full-length shows acquired experience inside and outside the studio.

The opening track on the full-length, “Strange Desire”, is a flawless embodiment of Miles’ brooding folk and post-punk leanings. Bass and percussion emit a responsive click-clacking, where Miles’ weary and lonesome voice is compelled to alternate between delicate verses and emotive chorus, the latter reminiscent of the dark post-punk/rock hybrids of The Go-Betweens and Echo & the Bunnymen. View the video for another one of his excellent tracks, “Pale Moon“, below:

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