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MP3: Feather Beds – “On Your Deathbed”


The sparse “On Your Deathbed” mixes a haunting croon with creeping guitar fragments and sputtering sound effects, ranging from guitar scratching to various drum additions. The vocals bear a likeness to Elliott Smith, though Feather Beds’ ability to construct a memorable central melody over separately panned vocal fixings reminds of The Wrens and Archers of Loaf as well.  A single kick drum takes up most of the track, before some variation in the final minute, where the vocals combine for a chillingly resounding melody. The various bits of guitar, from the high-chiming frequencies to the low bass-like murmur, seems like it’s paying tribute to post-punk legends Wire, particularly on a track like “French Film Blurred“.

Feather Beds is the project of a Dublin-based artist named ‘Michael’, who plans on releasing Feather Beds’ debut album, The Skeletal System, in 2013.

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