MP3: Tuff Sunshine – “Let ’em In”

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MP3: Tuff Sunshine – “Let ’em In”

Brooklyn-based trio Tuff Sunshine create brash indie-rock led by John Leitera’s forceful vocal delivery, which resembles the free-flowing fervor of Tyler Spencer (Electric Six). The exciting, guitar-heavy accompaniments resemble The Go-Betweens’ post-punk and alt-rock incorporation, especially on their swiftest efforts. “Let ’em In” actually sounds as if The Go-Betweens experimented more with raunchy blues-infused rock ‘n’ roll. Take a listen to The Go-Betweens’ “Man O’ Sand To Girl O’ Sea” and the comparison should be obvious. That’s what came to my mind, anyway. As Leitera repeats “Where was I? Where was I?”, the aggressive on-throttle display becomes that much more prominent  — much like the absurdly infectious chorus in that classic Go-Betweens track. They’ll have you singin’ along in no time as well.

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