Stream: MYPET – “Pays to Know”

Having just discovered this awesome LA two-piece, MYPET, I am excited. Very excited. Their music is sultry, seductive, and downright delicious to take in. Channeling everything from established acts like Portishead and Sleigh Bells, alongside other credible emerging acts like York’s Battle Lines (formerly Alvin Purple) and London-based lot Eyes On Film, this crew are making all the right moves in all the right places with enigmatic music-man Ray and the siren-voiced Amy at the helm, steering the shiny new vehicle to global stardom. It’s cool, because this band could well find themselves on stage with any world-beating group from across the more challenging indie and crossover sound spectrum. Depeche Mode has a tour coming up in 2013, for example. And Gary Numan’s has just moved to America, and is always freakin’ touring! Make it happen.

Here’s where it gets weird; it had to, eventually! The only track to be released so far is called ‘Pays To Know’, and it leaves behind the confections of modern music and dissects the hierarchical relationship between a rabbit and a snake: both are in implicit understanding of their natural roles as predator and prey, yet they both require patience in order to achieve a sort of hierarchical fulfillment. It’s a deep message for sure, folks, but most importantly, the tune itself sounds amazing.

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