MP3: Ghost Wave – “Hippy”

ghost wave new zealand

Based out of Auckland, New Zealand, Ghostwave are “inspired by skate vids, persian rugs and the music of Little Richard.” I’m not sure about the last two, but the relentless, distortion-heavy guitar-rock of “Hippy” would fit well with any skating highlight clip, similar to Wavves’ apt YouTube presence. The repetition of one chord initially takes hold, but the entry of another guitar line turns it into a two-chord progression. You think that would be too simple. But the transition to a key-tinged chorus, where a chirpy key lead corresponds with suave vocals, is the track’s highlight. It’s good, simple garage-rock with a straightforward hook that slays. The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Dandy Warhols, and other garage-rock revivalists come to mind. Check out another strong effort, “Sunsetter”, below. This one is more reminiscent of Deerhunter and Wavves… more in the gentler garage vein — “all because you wanted to go higher… higher.”

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