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MP3: Ice Choir – “I Want You Now and Always”

MP3: Ice Choir – I Want You Now and Always

With his solo project Ice Choir, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart member Kurt Feldman produces a bubbly sound rooted in ’80s new-wave and R&B. The twinkling, key-led “I Want You Now and Always” reminds of Erasure, and other Vince Clarke outputs. The warm synth pads, sporadic glistening, and Feldman’s flamboyant vocals has all the characteristics of vintage synth-pop, though the twists and turns he takes throughout his debut album, Afar, shows remarkable range. Some tracks bring to mind a Michael Jackson R&B and dance influence, while others like “I Want You Now and Always” bring vintage synth-pop in the mold of Erasure, Pet Shop Boys, and early Depeche Mode.

Another highlight from the album, “Teletrips”, is below:

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