MP3: Nude Beach – “Walkin’ Down My Street”

MP3: Nude Beach – “Walkin’ Down My Street”

I wish Nude Beach were the standard for house party bands. The trio honed their craft playing at them throughout high school, their convivial punk-rock sound serving as the perfect accompaniment to a good time. They produce a fleeting hook-filled sound that shows a fondness for late ’70s/early ’80s punk and new-wave acts, like The Replacements and The Jam. The guitar is livelier with less reliance on bass-led hooks, and much of the appeal on the excellent  “Walkin’ Down My Street” is due to the jangly guitar work and stop-start percussion. “And even when the sunshine in the palm of my hand / There’s a little child behind me crying out ‘hey man'” Chuck Betz sings during a superb bridge. Chuck Betz’ vocals have a front-and-center energy that reminds of The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn, which extends to the influence of Springsteen’s signature presence. There’s a bit of him here, too.

The trio continue to make a name for themselves rapidly throughout Brooklyn, where they moved to from Northport, NY. “Walkin’ Down My Street” is off Nude Beach II, released today. They already received a nice write-up in the Times, who correctly compared this track to pub-rock greats. There’s just a ton of great, raucous energy in the track, along with the others below:

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