MP3: Beast Patrol – “Plaster”

MP3: Beast Patrol – “Plaster”

“Plaster” begins with a wave of guitar distortion, momentarily transforming into a bouncy synth-tinged pop song before a majestic chorus; the track has several personalities, a good sign for up-and-coming Brooklyn trio Beast Patrol. The intro’s lavishing distortion returns in the chorus, pushed back in the mix to thrust Vanessa Bley’s anthemic voice into the spotlight. Her delivery is suavely sensual and reminiscent of ’80s jangle-pop with a jagged rock edge, similar to Frankie Rose and The Pretenders’ Chrissie Hynde. “I wanna get through to you, to show you I’m the one,” she sings. “But maybe that’s just being young.” The chorus’ thrill, complemented by the right mixture of spacey twinkle effects and distortion, makes the track’s short three-minute length go by even quicker.

A video for “Plaster” was also released recently as well. Watch it below. Director Phil Knott was vocally influenced by David Lynch, and I would guess Lost Highway specifically.  While some of the red lighting compares to Lynch, and the masked motorcyclist brings him to mind as well, the images are more fast-paced and schizophrenic than his work. Still, it’s an entertaining video for “Plaster”, a track deserving of these dusty images of back-lit alleys, which aptly conjure up images of ’80s rock for some unknown reason. Stream their new EP, Fierce & Grateful, below, and buy it here:

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