MP3: Life Size Maps – “Darkling”

Brooklyn’s Life Size Maps are masters of atmosphere. The same can be said for a wide variety of bands, but this duo are a rare find in their ability to juggle cinematic atmospheres with glittering pop infectiousness. Their murky vein of electro-rock is without a dull moment, its soaring and infectious melodies providing thrills that remind of diverse electronic-pop groups like Depeche Mode, The Cure, and others willing to embrace the fusing of rock and electro-pop. These past greats are influences, but Life Size Maps show off a very modern sound — better executed than electroclash groups like White Rose Movement.  The constant twinkle of “Woozy” is tranquil enough to get lost in, while the pulsating bass on “Excavate” emits a ferocious energy that collides well with sweeping synth pads and anxious chiptune garbles. But the most beautiful effort is “Darkling”, a track that mixes the wistful ’80s ballad synths of M83 with the concise post-punk/electro infusion of Placebo. Vocalist Mike McKeever has a dramatic quiver reminiscent of Brian Molko, which only adds to the duo’s infectious songwriting. Check out all their tracks on Soundcloud.

Mike Mineo

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