MP3: Zach Schimpf – “Movin’ Right Along”

MP3: Zach Schimpf – “Movin’ Right Along”

Zach Schimpf produces easy-flowing pop that ranges from the fleeting guitar-led rock of “Movin’ Right Along” to the warm, synth-led twinkles of the more emotive “July”. The St. Louis-based producer and songwriter released his new album, Sleeping, just a few days ago. This is a mere six months after his previous album, Comfortable. Those album titles suggest a serene and blissful sound, which Schimpf produces on efforts like the hazy Radio Dept-inspired “Clairvoyant (Tiger’s Eye)”. But there are moments of hook-laden excitement as well, especially in the album’s first half. His relaxed and more energetic qualities are not simply separated by electronics and guitars, though. “Blinding” has a very active, synth-led arrangement with wistful synth sweeps reminiscent of Susumu Yokota. Several of Schimpf’s synths remind me of effects on a track like this one. And on “July”, a gently strummed guitar appears for a moment among the chaos, but is quickly supplanted by a blur of synth beeps that fit cohesively within the backbone’s soaring ambiance. Sleeping provides an appetizing mixture of guitar-led pop and synth soundscapes, which results in a quality electro-acoustic sound that shows off his promise well.

Download both albums off his Bandcamp for free here, or stream it in its entirety below:

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