Video: Meme – “Young”

“Young” is a fairly typical electro-pop ballad touching on the longing for youth, though with a sugary-sweet construction and upbeat chorus that gives it an oddly addictive quality. The Minneapolis-based Meme are comprised of Lizzie Brown and Danny Burke. The duo possess qualities of polished vintage electro-pop like Erasure, inherent in the production, but there are even more likenesses to Scandinavian pop acts like jj and Lo-Fi-Fnk that specialize in big – and often wordless – choruses following a near-spoken verse. “The feeling of being young, when everything had just begun,” Lizzie sings. “Like running through the open air, fast and free with no care.” The lyrics are as simple and straightforward as the song’s traditional structure, but it’s hard to fault the execution. Acoustic strums and a solemn electro-bass help guide the verse until the chorus becomes enhanced by additional layers of synth and gleeful vocals.

Check out another impressive effort, the darker “Fallen, below. It almost sounds like an electro-pop version of a James Bond theme song:


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