Video: Ross Fish – “A349M”

“All you do is cry, especially at night,” Ross Fish sings solemnly on “A349M”. It’s the only lyric in the song, which rides on the strength of its gripping and ominous atmosphere and melancholic late-night feel. This vocal snippet is later supplemented by several pitch alterations, some conjoined and others separated. The use of higher and lower pitches is a nice touch, especially over swift and glitchy percussion that resembles Thom Yorke solo efforts, or more accurately Radiohead’s “Idioteque“. Also present is a cicada-like hitch that echoes the percussion, with warm keys and a warbly bass comprising the song’s backbone. It’s a nice effort from Fish, who continues to impress with a slew of new releases. “A349M” is off February’s Parables, which has been followed up twice since. Check out highlights from his newest, Little Is Big, below:


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