Video: Take Us To Vegas – “Heart Attack”

Aussie punk-rockers Take Us To Vegas (TUTV) craft energetic tunes with an aggressive, guitar-led emotive attack. Distorted power chords lead tracks like “I Think You’re the One”, a direct ode to new love with whiny backing vocals and a highly flexible lead, which transitions from semi-somber croon into an enraged scream. One of their most accomplished efforts is “Heart Attack”, a forceful attack that relies on intense percussion and a dual guitar attack, one heavily distorted and the other emitting a wiry effect. It’s the sort of effort that the younger emo and punk crowd will love. I expect this five-piece from the Sunshine Coast to invade radio waves fairly quickly.¬†They have already played with the likes of Blessed By a Broken Heart (U.S.A), 28 Days, Bodyjar, and Behind Crimson Eyes. They’re on the rise. And fast.

I had a listen to their upcoming single, “Apparently It’s Frowned Upon”, and was impressed. It contains a thunderous chorus that’s anthem ready, ending with an affirmative “we will never back down.” The bridge during the middle, with a metal-inspired guitar sequence, shows their songwriting as increasing in intricacy. It helps even more that they’re touring with bigger acts and expanding their profile.

“Apparently It’s Frowned On” will be released October 13th on iTunes. Here’s the song’s video trailer:

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